Barock is a band that will play just about any style…..

Baroque · Rock · Classical · Rock ‘n’ roll

Jazz · Easy Listening · Ballads

…..for any occasion

Weddings · Balls · Outdoor events

Promotions · Corporate Functions · twenty-firsts

Parties · church events

Formed in 1990, Barock is a five-piece band that entertains with music in just about any style from baroque to rock-from Bach to the future! The band’s strength is in its versatility, both in the styles of its music and in the number of instruments the band members play.

We play anything from classical music, for a formal atmosphere….

Bach, Handel, Mozart, Haydn, Beethoven,

Debussy, etc

…to covers of classic rock hits, to get the party rocking…

Rock and Roll, CCR, Bee Gees, Beatles,

ABBA, Neil Diamond, Crowded House etc

…and just about everything in-between, for dinner or a relaxed atmosphere.

Van Morrison, Eric Clapton, Frank Sinatra,

Carpenters, Billy Joel, Kenny G,

Louis Armstrong, etc

and heaps of Jazz!



Cost varies according to location, duration and the number of people required. Each event is priced individually, as we don’t believe in a "one size fits all" approach. We aim to provide good value and competitive rates. Special rates can be arranged for charity work. We are happy to give a no-obligation quote for your function!

Weddings and Functions

Barock has played for hundreds of weddings, dances and other special occasions. For dances we use a selection of favourite rock ‘n’ roll music, some more recent hits and some older upbeat music, as well as waltzes and ballads. If background music is required (pre-dinner or during a meal), we use classical, jazz and easy listening music. We also provide music for wedding services, ranging from trumpet voluntaries to contemporary sounds.

We also play for events such as Summertimes, the Christchurch Wine & Food Festival, Kidsfest and educational school shows.