End Game


End Game is a 5-piece covers band, who can do your ol' school favourites but also like to do things a bit different.  They get on like a house on fire, and that great energy will transfer to your crowd, for a fun night!  With two guitars giving a great full sound, plus male and female vocals, they can cover a wide variety of genres with means they're guaranteed to have something for everyone.

About the band members:

Shelley (lead vocals) has been in various duos in the past, and then switched to live bands over the last 6-7 years to pursue her love of the live sounds and a bit more rock. A choral background in her school years gives her good control, while the years in duos and bands means versatility in style, with a little bit of growl when needed.

BJ is a very experienced bassist with a long history in the local band scene. A fantastic asset to the rhythm section, he likes to add a little flare here and there.  He also does the majority of backing vocals for the band, along with a few leads to break it up a bit

Justin, one of our two guitarists, has over 20 years in the Chch band scene, along with some DJing. While he may be modest about his talents, we get lots of great feedback about his mad guitar skills!

Experienced in composing, performing and teaching music, Jordan, our second guitarist, takes his passion to the stage as lead/rhythm.  Alongside fellow guitarist Justin, Jordan won't fail to entertain you with melodic rhythm and lead, and soaring guitar solos.  Influences: Metallica, Iron Maiden, Joe Satriani, Carlos Santana.

In recent years, Grace (our drummer), shifted to Christchurch from the deep south to pursue music.  With a degree in music now behind her, and experience playing many different genres, she adds energy to the rock numbers and tasteful groove-laden beats  where its due, to the pop and dancepop numbers.  Grace also plays for local artist Mari Slack and teaches music full time.



HI Shelley,
Thanks so much for coming in to play at our function, I would have loved to have been there but I’ve heard great things from those who did attend J we will definitely keep you in mind for future events.