Imaginary Friends

Tracy If the old saying that “Big notes win votes” is correct, then Tracy Rockhouse could well be the next leader of our country!!

Tracy has a tone and quality in her voice that cannot be trained, it is God given. She takes enjoyable cover songs and makes them her own.!

She is the consummate artist and an elegant entertainer who has that little bit of sassiness that adds a certain amount of cool to the music she sings.!

Performing professionally around NZ for the last 20 years, recently Tracy has been a lead vocalist for the 12 piece Christchurch big band Melting Pot where she met the other members of her newest band Imaginary Friends.

Tracy prides herself on being able to sing a wide variety of music, such as pop, rock, country, swing and jazz 

Tom Svehla is a guitarist/vocalist with much experience as a performer, songwriter and many-a-band member spanning over four decades, in both NZ and Australia. Immigrating to New Zealand, age 14, Tom played in a number of bands in the ‘70s. Co-founder of Watchdog in the early part of the decade in Invercargill, moving the band to Christchurch in ’75. Before moving to Sydney in ’79 Tom played with a number of cover bands, among them ‘Ripp’, ‘Sneak Preview’, and ‘Pyramid’.! In Sydney Tom joined a “new wave” trio ‘Metro’ playing originals, supporting acts such as B-52s, XTC, Magazine, Cold Chisel, The Angels, Mi-sex... In the mid ‘80s joined a cover band ‘Eyebrow Opera’, in the ‘90s played with ‘Safari’, formed a duo 'The Undertones’ and in the “naughties” joined an original band ‘Eating Planes’.!
In the late ‘80s and early ‘90s Tom was working for “Twilight Productions” composing music for a number of TV programs – Beyond 2000, E Street, Jack Thompson Down Under, Bright Sparks, Just for the record, and Planet Water.!
Tom moved back to Christchurch with his family in 2006 and has been playing in Scratched Vinyl, Level 3, Melting Pot, and now Imaginary Friends. to name a few and her love for music shines through with all of her performances.

John Keyboard slayer since the groovy seventies!

Played around West Coast and Canterbury for many years as mercenary largely, but some past regulars Sultan & The Dropkicks – 1987 to 1992 approx!
The Bubblemen – 1992 to 1994!
Coffee Coloured Cadillacs / The Rubber Band – 1993 to 2010!

Daniel Daniel has played drums professionally for 15 years. A national of Buenos Aires, he studied at the Conservatorio Nacional and the Conservatorio Manuel de Falla and has played on stage with Argentine greats Luis Salinas and Charly Garcia. In 2007 and 2008 Daniel toured the Americas on Celebrity cruiseliner Infinity with his jazz quartet Los Swing Boys. Daniel is also an accomplished guitarist and vocalist. Daniel's repertoire includes tango, folklore, salsa, pop and rock.

Brian started his musical career in Orchestras, Brass Bands, Army Bands & Big Bands. Has travelled extensively playing drums, bass trombone, latin percussion and arranging (not all at the same time!)!

Sharing the love for both classical, jazz, funk, pop & rock and everything else except bagpipes.

Brian has been a capable leader of many fine musical ensembles over the years.!
With Imaginary Friends, Brian lays down a funky solid bass groove with the occasional backing vocal thrown in for fun. “Nowadays I’m only concentrating on two things” - breathing in & breathing out.!
But seriously; Anything that is fun & funky & everything Beethoven.