Dublin St

This Christchurch based 5 piece band has been together for nearly 4 years, playing pubs, weddings, birthdays, libraries, casinos…

They are all experienced, multi instrumental, multi talented, just really multi.

The band have played to a packed pub at Cape Fowlwind and several less packed pubs at various other South Island towns and cities. Mind you they have been asked to play in the other island.

They are the preferred Celtic Band used by the Christchurch City Council for public performances including the annual St Patrick's Day celebrations in the Square.

The band have the ability to learn your "special song" just for that "special occasion" (you may have to provide a recording of it).

They excel in material from The Pogues, Waterboys, Oyster Band, Christy Moore, Van Morrison, Steve Earl, The Levellers, Ewen McCall, Anon and Trad himself.

The band is lively, energetic and out to ensure that the audience enjoy themselves as much as they do. The three most photogenic band members are also available as a three-piece under the glorious title The Danny Boys

What the Experts Say...

My favourite band in the world - Angela Stebar, Round Mountain Texas
Brilliant - Kellie Anderson                                  
Hell Yea - Folanio Mamfuld, Blenheim
I want you for my wedding - Nick Burk, Woodend
Legends in the making - Eithne Moriarty
Come and play at our pub - Helen Wilson, Mangawhai Tavern
Glad to be here - Pat Kearney, Tacoma WA
Thanks for letting me jam - Justin Birge, Oregon USA
Lovely boys - Francis Martin                                     
Absolutely brilliant - Ash Prudence, Queenstown
Nice band, ugly shirts -  Pete Wilkerson, Statesboro California