Louise & Johnny Duo

A highly experienced and versatile duo, Louise & Johnny can provide simple and beautiful music for any venue or event. Playing together since meeting at the School of Jazz 6 years ago, they have developed three distinctive sets which clients can choose from. They chosen set is highly adaptable, and louise&johnnyduo are sensitive to helping the client create the right atmosphere at their event / venue.

Background Set - Consisting of modern, popular jazz, motown and pop this laid back set is a great alternative to a jazz set. Designed to fit into the background of informal / formal events, afternoon gigs, post wedding ceremony drinks and early corporate events.

Jazz / Blues / Soul - Keeping to the more popular jazz tunes, sultry blues and soul songs this set is showcased at bars including Fat Eddies and is a popular choice for the dinner set, formal occasions, late evening events and high end corporate events. This style sets a positive, laid back mood which can be turned into a more upbeat last set if required.

Upbeat Set - Occasionally events call for a more upbeat sound, particularly in the last set. A mixture of well known, popular songs - some old, some new. This is suited to bars, late evenings or occasions which develop an upbeat atmosphere.

Louise – A professional singer and Pediatric Music Intervention Specialist, Louise has experience in making sure that the music is appropriate for your venue / event. She features on the Julie Wylie series of children’s CD’s and sings regularly with her funk / soul band LunaFunk.

Johnny - A talented guitarist, Johnny has performed in corporate bands and works in managing large scale music events. He can arrange particular songs with enough notice for special occasions if requested.

This Christchurch wedding band provide their own high quality gear.

A reference for this popular Christchurch duo:

"…..they enhanced the atmosphere at the bar to such an extent that our clientele was greatly increased. They were highly professional and fantastic musicians." Manager No4 Bar, Merivale (2008)


Hi Louise
I apologise for being so tardy in contacting you...I know this has been a long time coming, so regrettably, I have to use the old chestnut of better late than never.
I just tried to give you a call but wasn’t able to catch you and I am very sorry that I missed you onsite at the AFAANZ 2010 (I just read those two lines back and realised that I’m painting myself in very good light!).
I hope a quick email will suffice...I just wanted to take a moment to say THANK YOU and send my appreciation following your involvement in the AFAANZ 2010 conference at the Christchurch Convention Centre (Tuesday 6 July 2010).
I always get a rush to see the first few groovers hit the dance floor at a conference dinner and to have that happen in the first two lines of an opening song was fantastic.
I’m always one for the finer details so it was great that you showed up with the run sheet and that we didn’t have to come and retrieve you from the green room (10 points on both accounts!)…it instills confidence and means that we, as organisers, can exhale and enjoy relax a little!
Thank you again and I wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors.
Kind regards
Kymberlee Senior
Conference Manager